A Meeting and Discussion with The Honourable Lorne Calvert, Premier of Saskatchewan with
The Honourable Eric Cline, Minister of Industry and Resources, Minister responsible for Investment Saskatchewan Inc., and Minister responsible for Information Services Corp. of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is the second largest producing province in Canada and the site of a pioneer project on CO2 sequestration and enhanced oil recovery. Over five million tons of CO2 from an industrial source in North Dakota have been sequestered in the Weyburn oil field while doubling oil production.

According to the November 16, 2005 Oil and Gas Journal, "Scientists project that knowledge gained from the project will keep Weyburn oil field viable for an additional 20 years, produce an additional 130 million bbl of oil, and sequester as much as 30 million tons of CO2." A best practices manual is being developed to serve as a reference in the design and implementation of CO2 sequestration in conjunction with enhanced recovery projects.

For more information on Provincial activity see www.ir.gov.sk.ca.

Thanks to the Canadian Consulate there is no charge for this event.