Ira Joseph

Ira Joseph is head of global gas and power at PIRA Energy Group. He manages PIRA’s European Energy Service, which includes distinct services on European natural gas and European electricity, as well as PIRA's Global LNG Service.  Ira is co-author of PIRA's 2013 Liquefied Henry Hub study as well as the 2007 Globalization of Gas study. Ira joined PIRA in 1999 after working at Energy Intelligence Group for over a decade as Editor-in-Chief of World Gas Intelligence and Senior Editor of Petroleum Intelligence Weekly.  With 23 years in the energy business, he has authored several books on natural gas and crude oil marketing, including EIG’s International Crude Oil Market Handbook and World Gas Handbook, as well as several articles on natural gas swaps and gas marketing strategy. Ira holds an M.A. in international economics from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a B.A. from the University of Michigan.

Anthony Yuen

Anthony Yuen leads global macro, gas and power strategy within Commodities Research at Citigroup. He is also a key contributor to studies on oil and coal and a reviewer of IEA’s World Energy Outlook. Anthony was most recently a member of Constellation Energy's Global Commodities Group, the physical and financial trading arm of the firm. He worked at McKinsey & Company prior to joining Constellation. He previously held research and teaching positions at the University of Pennsylvania and was a faculty member of Columbia University.


Antoine Halff

Antoine Halff is Senior Fellow and Director of the Global Oil Markets Research Program at the Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University. His 20-year career in energy spans the worlds of government, international organizations, consulting, Wall Street, higher education and the media. He joined the Center in September 2015 from his previous position as Chief Oil Analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA) and editor of two of its most authoritative publications, the monthly Oil Market Report (OMR) and the annual Medium-Term Oil Market Report (MTOMR), both of which gained considerable influence under his watch. Prior to that, Halff served as Lead Industry Economist at the U.S. Energy Information Administration and at firms Newedge and Fimat as First Vice President and Head of Commodity Research. Earlier in his career Halff worked as a reporter at Dow Jones and Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, launched the Global Energy practice at Eurasia Group and served as its Director.


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