Refined product pricing is being subjected to a series of transitory and structural shifts.  Hidden by the post-COVID demand recovery, there have been shifts in demand patterns and policies that will impact the disposition of diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.  These include the ongoing non-linear rise of EV sales, penetration of renewable fuels in the transport sectors, and policies surrounding natural gas as a substitute for petroleum products and vice-versa. 

In this session, Jason Lemme, NY Energy Forum board member and Managing Partner at Hartree Partners LP, will moderate a discussion with Ed Morse, Managing Director and Global Head of Commodity Research at Citigroup, and, David Doherty, Head of Oil Research at BloombergNEF, on these future disruptions in refined products resulting from structural changes in both demand and supply.

This event will be a virtual session via Zoom from 12:00 until 1:30 PM EST. Additional details will be provided to registered attendees prior to the session.


Ed Morse

Edward L. Morse Chairs the Energy Forum Advisory Board and is Global Head of Commodities Research at Citi. He held similar positions at Lehman and Credit Suisse, taught at Princeton, Columbia and Johns Hopkins, worked at the Council on Foreign Relations, served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Policy, and in management at Phillips Petroleum. A co-founder of PFC Energy, a former publisher at Energy Intelligence, he also worked at Hess Energy Trading. As a consultant helped design Yemen's oil pricing policy and assisted the UN Security Council on the design and negotiation of the Iraqi Oil-for-Food Program. He writes op-eds for the FT, NY Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post and often comments at Bloomberg TV and CNBC. He has been a Senior Fellow of both the USAEE and the IEEJ and was named by Petroleum Economist as among the ten most prominent individuals in energy finance.

David Doherty

David Doherty leads BloombergNEF’s oil and renewable fuels research teams and is based in London. Prior to BNEF, David spent time as a trader with Citibank before joining Wood Mackenzie as a Senior Analyst, covering Europe, Africa and the Caspian region. David holds a BSc in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics from Dublin City University and an MSc in Finance from Imperial College London.


Jason Lemme

Jason Lemme is Assistant Treasurer of the Energy Forum Advisory Board. He is a Managing Partner at Hartree Partners LP and sits on the company’s Executive Committee.  Mr. Lemme has served in various roles in trading, origination and investment since joining the company in 2002.  He graduated with a B.A. Economics (summa cum laude) from Rutgers University and earned a M.Sc. Global Market Economics from the London School of Economics.


12:00 - 1:30 PM: Presentation and Discussion


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